Reposting words from Teacher Wei:
The True Meanings of Longevitology Meditation

Meditation is a daily routine for all Longevitology practitioners. Everyone knows that the purpose of meditation is to allow the universe's energy to flow into our body continuously, improve the circulation and metabolism of our body, and eventually improve our immune system and overall health conditions. That is why everyone would meditate diligently during the Longevitology course. Unfortunately, upon completing the course, some practitioners will gradually reduce their meditation, both in the number of times and duration. Some even stop practising altogether. When we dig deeper, the main reason for people to quit is that they find themselves unable to stay calm and, hence, unable to persist. In time, they would forget all about Longevitology, which is a pity. The root cause for that is that they lack a true understanding of the true meaning of Longevitology meditation.

Not only does the practice of Longevitology help us achieve better health, but it also helps to purify our mind and spirit in letting go of some of our past negativities and prepare us to face our life ahead.

It is extremely difficult to rid of all wandering thoughts in meditation, as we are just humans. As a normal human being living in this human world, it is a real challenge for us not to be affected by day-to-day problems which are the main reasons for our wandering thoughts in meditation. Even if we have to battle the wandering thoughts, the meditation exercises are still valid. The effectiveness of our meditation depends on how low we can keep the number of our wandering thoughts.

When we become aware of the wandering thoughts in meditation, that is an indication that we are making progress, for our conscience and consciousness to be mindful of the wandering thoughts. These wandering thoughts affect our health rather closely. We all know that our mental state can affect our physical health. Wandering thoughts are indicators that our mental state has been affected somehow, and the affected part has been hidden deep within us. When meditation exercises awaken our conscience and consciousness, we will be able to detect them naturally. Therefore, it is not a bad thing to realise your wandering thoughts. Just persevere and persist in meditation.

There are many reasons for a human to fall ill. In summary, there are three main types of causes: physical, mental and spiritual. Amongst these, the spiritual aspect has the most significant and most comprehensive effects. When the mental and emotion is disturbed, the endocrine system will change, causing the physical body to change accordingly. These changes are usually presented to us in the form of "illnesses". Often, when we see that someone is unwell, we believe that they will be better as long as they take their medications regularly. We simply dump the responsibility of healing the body to the medical doctors. Although this can sometimes help the ill person to recover, it is never comprehensive enough. As medicines are produced to target our physical conditions, if the cause of illness comes from one's mental state, then the problem in the mental state needs to be removed before administering medicines to achieve the best results.

Most of these problems in the mental state come from our past thoughts and behaviours, including those from our past lives. To remove such causes of illnesses, we need to work on the spiritual aspect as the foundation for cure. There is a common saying that "illnesses of the heart need to be treated by medicines for the heart". Likewise, when we want to eliminate the wandering thoughts, we need to face them and not avoid them. In each wandering thought, we look into why they were formed, and the motive behind them, and we look at their progress all the way through their results. Only through the process of reflection, repentance, change, and practice of kindness can we possibly cleanse all stains and dirt from our past. By reducing the wandering thoughts, we can see the bigger picture and finally be free from our worries, fears, doubts, anxiety, hatred, greed, etc. When we can finally be free from attachments, our mental state is no longer disturbed, and our physical body will no longer be affected. Hence our health will improve. Therefore, eliminating the wandering thoughts is also a process of removing all underlying root causes of our illnesses.

There is an ancient idiom that says, "Saints make many mistakes, persons of virtue make little mistakes, and unwise persons make no mistakes." What does it mean by saints making many mistakes? That is because saints would always reflect and can detect any impurities in their minds and make immediate corrections. On the contrary, an unwise person would not be very conscious about oneself and would not know how to reflect on one's own mistakes. They even tend to blame their mistakes on others; hence, they do not believe they would ever make mistakes. Through practising Longevitology meditation, we will realise that having wandering thoughts is a good sign and an excellent start to steady progression. Hence not only can practising Longevitology medication improve health conditions, but it also allows us to reflect on our errors in the past for us to make changes so that we can do better in the future. In time, the fewer attachments we have, the stronger our abilities to conduct energy.

So is the true meaning of Longevitology meditation. When you are able to understand it deeply and thoroughly, remember to practice diligently and persistently.