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Getting to know Longevitology

Longevitology was founded in Taiwan in 1992 by Teacher Wei Yu-Feng and Teacher Lin Tzu-Chen. Observing the mission of "Helping others with Compassion without expecting any rewards", Longevitology is now practised in many countries across the globe.

Longevitology is a practice that enables its practitioners to help themselves and others by conducting the universe's energy to rejuvenate our cells and enhance the "Qi" in our bodies. When Qi is increased, the metabolism rate will be improved, thus improving one's immune system. Longevitology is a method to achieve balance in our body and mind.

Longevitology believes that the universe is a gigantic magnetic field while the human body is a small magnetic field. Longevitology practitioners act like conductors, conducting the universe's energy to regulate or adjust the magnetic field in the human body, thus allowing the human body to function correctly. The ability to convey universe energy is obtained through the opening of chakras and one's compassion.

Our physical body, bodily organs and our cells work hard every day to ensure that we can eat, sleep, play and function properly. Nevertheless, have we ever thanked our cells and our bodily organs? They have been working hard for decades, and now they are slowly weakening and ageing.

We sincerely hope that everyone who has learnt Longevitology will place their hands on their bodies, to thank them for working hard. Wherever Longevitology practitioners' hands rest on, that particular area will be re-energized. Persist with the practice to enhance our health. We wish everyone good health!

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Our Mission

Adhering to the concepts of love, patience, caring, and compassion, we help others without seeking fame and fortune, no reward, no attachment, and lots of gratitude. Enrich our lives by helping others. Contribute our love and kindness to society and inspire others to pass on their compassion, thus bringing happiness to families, harmony to communities and our world. May everyone have better health.

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Longevitology for All

Longevitology is free from any religions, politics or commercial elements. Anyone can learn and practice Longevitology, regardless of whether you have learnt any other practices. We welcome anyone above the age of 14 years, irrespective of gender and physical abilities. It requires only compassion and kindness.

Free for All

Longevitology UK is a not-for-profit organisation, and all our operating costs are donations from volunteers and public benefactors.

All Longevitology adjustments and courses are FREE.

We only collect a nominal fee during course registration to cover all stationery costs.

Intro to Longevitology

Longevitology is a practice that conducts the universe energy to improve one's circulation and rejuvenate cells, to enhance metabolism and overall health...

Important Points

Longevitology has no religious, political or commercial elements. Anyone over the age of 14 years regardless of gender, pregnant women and...

Longevitology Adjustments

Longevitology practices selfless mindsets and compassionate kindness to conduct universal energy. By resting our palms on...

Longevitology Meditation

The principle of Longevitology meditation is that one must feel at ease, relaxed and comfortable, allowing oneself to be one the universe...

Introduction to Longevitology

Introduction to Longevitology

In Longevitology, we divide the human system into seven main areas. In some religions, they are called "wheels", whereas, in TCM and martial arts, they are called acupoint. In Sanskrit, they are referred to as "CHAKRA". To simplify teaching Longevitology, we use the letter C to signify chakras. I.e. We refer to the seventh chakra as C7, etc. There are seven main chakras situated along the spine, from the base of your spine to the crown of your head.

The ultimate goal of Longevitology is to help oneself and others to ease the suffering brought upon by illnesses. During the courses, the teachers shall talk about the mission, purposes, locations of the chakras, methods of adjustments, cases discussions, Q&A, and so on.

During the beginner and intermediate courses, the teachers or Chakra Masters shall help each learner to open their chakras in the order of C7, C6, C5, C4, C3, and C2. During the advanced course, the teachers will help to open all chakras of each learner fully. This method of practice that opens all the chakras of learners is unique in Longevitology, and it is one of the main reasons for Longevitology to be well accepted and effective.

Longevitology believes that the universe is a gigantic magnetic field with limitless energy while the human body is a small magnetic field. A healthy person's magnetic field will flow smoothly. When disruption happens to the magnetic field for any reasons, the person would be unwell. Longevitology practitioners can conduct the universe energy to help adjust the magnetic field of the person, helping it to return to its normal flow and thus return to optimum health. The ability to conduct universe energy is obtained through the opening of chakras and one's compassion.

Important Points

Longevitology is for everyone:

* age 14 and above, irrespective of gender
* no religious or political element, we welcome practitioners of all religions
* those who have previously learnt other practices
* pregnant women and females in menstruation periods
* people with any physical abilities
* those who are suffering from illnesses

People who have received Longevitology energy adjustments have pointed out the following benefits: -

- feeling calm;
- relaxing and relieving stress;
- relieves pain;
- deeper and more comfortable sleep;
- more energy;
- relieves migraine, tension headache and back pain;
- improves concentration;
- speed up wound healing;
- improves excretion;
- shrinks tumours;
- improves the quality of life;
- etc.

We must stress here that the ultimate objective of energy adjustment is not to replace proper medical care. We strongly suggest that all patients should follow the medical professionals’ advice. Longevitology energy adjustment helps to return the balance of energy in the human body, thus promoting the self-healing mechanism of the human body.  

Longevitology adjustments

Longevitology Adjustments

1. How to perform adjustment? 

Longevitology practices selfless mindsets and compassionate kindness to conduct universe energy. By resting our palms on problem areas, the energy will flow naturally to improve the weakened organ. In this process, the person providing adjustment acts merely as a conductor of universe energy. To play the role of a good conductor, one must cease of the thoughts of a conductor and just relax and empty the mind. Emptying one’s mind is the practice of letting go of all attachments, including feelings of energy, karma, fame, monetary gain, discrimination, effectiveness, reward, and even the attachment on merits. Only by ridding all wondering thoughts can the energy of the universe flow without any obstacles, as greed and desire are the foundation of all sorts of limitations and constraints. The flow of energy is directly affected by our thoughts, and those with fewer attachments will be able to achieve better results.   

2. What if one feels unwell during or after the adjustment? 

One may experience a healing crisis; for example, they may suffer from previous ailments or unwell in other parts of their body like dizziness, diarrhoea, aches and pains. The root cause of illnesses and other conditions accumulate in our bodies over time. As our body receives a massive flow of energy, all our cells will be activated, which in turn improves metabolism. With proper blood and Qi circulation, our body can now transport the cause of illnesses and their roots out of our system.

This process of transport is like digging out the dirt and foulness in our bodies, causing us to feel unwell. Fortunately, one does not need to panic when this happens. Instead, one should rejoice and be happy. As each person is unique, the time and method of the healing crisis depend on the person’s conditions and the type of ailment or the root cause of problems. The experience of a healing crisis indicates that one should meditate, give or receive adjustment more often to end the healing crisis sooner. 

3. Drink lots of water, and remain mentally relaxed.


Longevitology Meditation

The practice of Longevitology is simple, no gestures or specific posture, no mnemonic phrases and no guiding of the Qi with our mind. The principle of Longevitology meditation is that one must feel at ease, relaxed and comfortable, allowing oneself to unite with the universe. That is why one must learn to rid of all attachments and wondering thoughts, for the mind to be calm and settled. Our body will become an empty vessel to be filled by universe energy for all our body cells to be rejuvenated and energized. When that is achieved, our health will improve naturally. The simple steps for meditations are: 1. Deep breathing for five times, then close your eyes. 2. Return to normal breathing and just sit quietly. 3. Open your eyes and end the meditation with five deep breathings.

The time required for meditation may be as short as 15 minutes or as long as permissible. There are no limitations in time or place. One may meditate for as many times as one pleases, and the effects are definite. Moreover, practitioners can help ease the pain on anyone they touch. This fantastic technique is easy to learn, effective, no side effects, no medication, no injection, no surgery and no medical knowledge required. Most importantly, it does not cost a single pence to help anyone.